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Have you every scrolled through someone’s newborn photos, but when you think about committing to a photoshoot you panic?! All you can think is, “HOW ON EARTH IS THEIR BABY SO WELL BEHAVED?” Well here are 5 tips to prepare you and your baby for a great newborn session!

1) Warm Baby is a Happy Baby!

To keep you baby cooperative and happy, be sure to have a warm space. Keep space heaters near by, heated blankets (underneath the blanket you plan on using in pictures) and sunlight.

2) Timing is everything

Try to plan your photos for photos after a feeding and changing. Most newborn sessions, the baby is sleeping the majority of the time, so if you feed your little darling, they’ll be content and ready to sleep through their photos! Now we photographers know that it’s hard to know EXACTLY the timing of the day, so we are willing and ready to be flexible for you!

3) Don’t stress!

All you need to do is care and love for your baby. It’s my job as your photographer to direct you to the best light and capture the natural moments that happen. Whatever happens, maybe they didn’t take a good enough nap, or they want to snack multiple times during the session, or they are crying, know that it’s OKAY! That’s life! Your baby does not need to be perfect for the 30 minutes – 1 hour we’re together! There is no pressure on you or your family to “perform”.

4) Less is More

This may be considered an opinion, but i truly feel that the photos that people cherish the most are the ones without props, without crazy backdrops, without the bows and tutus and hand knitted footballs. While those props and ideas are cute, the photos past clients cling to most are the neutral ones. The photo of your new baby yawning. The close up of his or her hand holding yours. The photo you didn’t know I captured because your baby’s head is nuzzled in your neck.

I definitely wanted this post to have 5 tips because that’s the normal thing to do. But hey….These were the only important ones to me! Comment below if you tried any of these tips or if you have one of your own!


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