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In ancient Greece, there were these 9 “muses”. They were told to appear before artists, scientists and poets would perform and create. I love the concept of muses. Someone or thing that sparks inspiration. Someone or thing that makes your mind race and your heart soar because what you are pursuing is bringing you joy and you know it’ll bring others joy too.

Genevieve is a muse.

She has an eye for art. She is poised. Elegant. Graceful. In Love.
Pedro is strong. Polished. Dignified. Also in Love.

It was such a beautiful sunset. Almost a “once in a lifetime” sunset.

Every few minutes we would just stop to stare at the sky. Usually I like photos light and airy, however this session was an exception. It forced me to hold on to what God showed us that night and wrap Genevieve and Pedro in the natural light instead of my own.

During our shoot, I gave Pedro a sneak peek of a photo and he said, “Wow that is SO Genevieve” and my heart burst into a million joyful pieces. That was the best compliment I’ve ever received!

It was such an honor photographing these two and I cannot wait for their wedding day!





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